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Perfumiya is the premiere best online provider of women's perfume, men’s fragrances, kids cologne, perfume gift sets, makeup, skin care, bath body and cosmetics products . is proud to proclaim its objectives and its greatest goal which is to be the largest online supplier of brand name perfumes, cosmetics, and beauty products.

The team behind Perfumiya is well aware of the fact that the men and women of today are now more conscious about how they look, appear, and to smell best in public. More and more people use health and beauty products to make themselves look more presentable. From bath products, hair and skincare merchandise, to cosmetics and perfumes, these products are now part of every one’s daily primping routine. The demand for health and beauty products greatly increased and Perfumiya wants to do something about this. Proudly, Perfumiya is the best perfume retail and wholesale business in the State where to find best brand name women perfumes, men fragrances, kids Cologne, perfume gift sets, Makeup, Skin care, Bath Body and cosmetics products.

Perfumiya brief business mission statement 

Perfumiya is here to supply its clients with top quality, authentic brand name perfumes and cosmetics at lowest bargain prices. We want everyone to continue their beautification habits and enjoy indulging themselves into beauty, health, and wellness. To achieve such, Perfumiya commits itself to bringing in discounted authentic perfumes and cosmetics so one doesn’t have to break the bank in order to continue looking good, feeling good and smelling good.

We offer the finest selection of perfume and fragrances for men, women, and children as well as a range of skincare products, bath and body merchandise, and cosmetics. One of Perfumiya’s objectives is to carry a variety of best latest brand perfume, fragrances and cosmetic products including newly launched beauty merchandise, rare and hard to find products, and of course the popular and most coveted scents and cosmetics. All of these come with amazingly low price tags because we want our perfumiya customers to enjoy the full benefit of indulging in largest selection of perfume, beauty and cosmetic products in an upscale shopping experience.  

Perfumiya is your first choice in finding and searching for the best prices and lowest discount deals on women's perfume, men’s fragrances, kids cologne, perfume gift sets, makeup, skin care, bath body and cosmetics products. Perfumiya is also able to carry “Tester” perfumes and cosmetics so you can obtain products at a much, much lower price. The Testers that we have are guaranteed authentic items that come with a “tester” tag and, commonly, on a different packaging which are simpler, less expensive and less attractive than the regular packaging designs. But these have the exact same scent, the exact perfume content as those in regular packaging.

Perfumiya’s Mission to Share

Perfumiya recognizes the value of generosity and we are here to share to you our good perfume and cosmetics finds so that you too can share and feel the gladness and delight brought by sharing.

It is our mission to deliver to you the best fragrances in the world at prices that you can afford. Perfumiya strives to become a reliable perfume supplier both for perfume retail and perfume wholesale clients. Perfumiya wants to be your partner in giving special gifts to your loved ones, and of course in giving simple or lavish treat to yourself. Here we are, sharing to you our precious finds of highly discounted authentic colognes and perfumes as well as cosmetics so you can enjoy wearing or using them, or sharing and giving them as presents to the people you care about.

We would also like to share our extensive fragrance journey to everyone so that all may find the scent that speaks about their true selves. Our marketing team works very hard in finding the best scents in the world and the best prices for your favorite scents. We put all efforts in making sure that we have what you are looking for and that you can get it at a price that is easy on the pocket.

PERFUMIYA | The Great Idea Behind the Perfume and Cosmetic Business Name

The business name Perfumiya stemmed from the combination of two English words which are "Perfume" and "Miya." The former is a word we are all familiar with while the word "Miya" refers to the name of an unborn daughter from a beautiful dream. When combined, Perfumiya (pronounced as perfu-miya or perfumia) represents a special business that is inspired by an idea of love and success. The English word Perfume and the Italian word "Mia" which means 'my' make up our business name. Perfumia or "My Perfume" reflects the mission, vision and goals of our business and that is to be the perfume portal of choice of consumers around the globe. Perfumiya is the fruit of our passion, desire, and commitment to bring to you the best fragrance and cosmetic products available today at prices that you can surely afford. We named our store Perfumiya to remind us, the team behind the business, of our dream to cater to every cosmetic and fragrance need of the people all over the world.    

Perfumiya’s Mission to Serve

Perfumiya aims to address the needs of perfume lovers as well as perfume newbies. Evident in our large collection of fragrances is a selection of different scents at different price ranges. We wish to be of service to everyone hence we make it a point that what we offer has a variety in terms of brand, scent, and budget. We have a team of dedicated and courteous staff who can address specific needs. Whether you require a fragrance that fits a particular occasion or one that suits your budget, the staff from Perfumiya can provide help choosing your perfume and cosmetics from the nation most trusted authentic, largest women's perfume, men’s fragrances, kids cologne, perfume gift sets, makeup, skin care, bath body and cosmetics products.

Perfumiya highly appreciates the trust given by our clients and we will go the extra mile just to keep that trust and keep customers coming back and buying from us again and again. We put high regard in customer satisfaction and we promise to dedicate our expertise, our skills, and our passion into providing first-class perfume and cosmetic customer service.

Perfumiya’s Mission to Indulge

Perfumiya the world’s largest women's perfume, men’s fragrances, kids cologne, perfume gift sets, makeup, skin care, bath body and cosmetics products business provider guarantees that the products on our website are priced reasonably and competitively. We want to make perfumes, as well as cosmetics, available to everyone. Perfumiya endeavors to make everyone feel the pleasure and the luxury of looking extra beautiful, smelling extra fine, and feeling extra great because of wearing perfumes or cosmetics from high-end brands.

We guarantee that our products are 100% authentic. You can be confident that they are supplied by trusted vendors, manufacturers, and distributors and all items have been inspected for best women perfume, men fragrances, kids cologne, perfume gift sets, makeup, skin care, bath body and cosmetics products.

Perfumiya’s Mission to Progress

Perfumiya is also on a mission to capture the attention of both the new and the old fragrance consumers, of both the young and the older generation, to ensure that they only buy fragrance from a store that offers convenience and value for money products and services. We created an online store that will make perfume and cosmetics shopping easy for everyone. The online catalog that we have is comprehensive and complete and the ordering and delivery processes that we follow are systematic, fast, and reliable. Perfumiya would like to provide all perfume, fragrances, cosmetics and beauty lovers with a pleasant shopping experience as they treat themselves to luxurious beauty and wellness products. Perfumiya promises all perfume and cosmetics shoppers that are looking for the newest brand name women's perfume, men’s fragrances, kids cologne, perfume gift sets, makeup, skin care, bath body and cosmetics gift products to purchase for themselves, friends, family, lovers to offer a different kind of accessibility to that fragrance shopping would be truly rewarding.

Perfumiya, in its first year in the online market, has been a success and we attribute that victory into the kind of service that we offer: reliable, convenient, and inexpensive fragrance shopping.

Only at Perfumia: World Wide Shipping At Its Finest

Perfumiya’s extensive distribution facility allows us to deliver a range of perfume, cosmetics, and health and beauty products to every state in the U.S. and to different countries around the world. Perfumiya can promptly and reliably supply the best perfume brands and fragrance products to countries such as Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Germany, and many others. We are a national and international perfume distributor and we are a trusted name in the perfume supply industry. As your premier online source of the best perfumes and cosmetics available today, Perfumiya assures you that only authentic products at the best prices will be offered to you. We have several delivery options so you can choose the one that best fits your schedule and budget needs. Thousands of genuine perfume products from the most trusted brand names are available and can be distributed to your location in retail or wholesale form. So whether you want a bottle or two for yourself, or something to be given as a gift, or for your small perfume business, Perfumiya has what you need and can ship it to your doorstep regardless of wherever you are in the world.

Perfumiya Cares for Its Retail and Wholesale Customers

Perfumiya can accommodate orders of any size and location. If you only need a single bottle or if you want to buy in bulk, Perfumiya can provide you with the best products at the best prices and with the best shipping option. For those who are interested in buying wholesale fragrances and cosmetics, Perfumiya has prepared a dedicated database just for you. Do you remember when we said that we want to make your online shopping easier? We consider it a mission hence we’ve dedicated a team to solely address wholesale purchases. Our comprehensive list of perfumes for wholesale purchase includes thousands of fragrances from well-known and well-accepted brands. These are all authentic perfumes in original packaging or in Tester form. These are all brand new, never used fragrance and cosmetic products that you can purchase at a discounted rate. We have a great selection of fragrances for men, women and children as well as cosmetic products, and personal care products like body creams, lotions, and bath kits. If you are a fragrance supplier in your area and would like to do business with a large supplier like us, all you need to do is submit an application to register your business and you can get access to Perfumiya’s large database of low-priced yet authentic perfume products.

Exceptional Online Shopping Experience at

It is our priority to provide our customers with the best products at the most favorable rates. We’re making every effort to continuously provide you with brand new and authentic fragrance and cosmetic products at prices lower that what you can find at the mall or in most retail and online stores. Here at Perfumiya, we strive to keep our overheads low so we can provide you with great prices and better deals on perfumes and cosmetic products. In North America alone, Perfumiya is considered to be the best perfume store that offers branded fragrances at a fraction of its suggested retail cost. Perfumiya takes pride in being able to make online perfume shopping easier for the residents of California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Massachusetts, Arizona, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorardo, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky, oregon, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Iowa, Mississippi, Akansas, Utah, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, Idaho, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. We guarantee you of the best online shopping experience as you enjoy hassle-free service and great product deals only at Perfumiya.

Perfumiya Delivers Dedicated Service 

Perfumiya, being a top supplier in the retail and wholesale perfume industry, assures you of quality products and services that are second to none. We have dedicated teams and staff members who are ready to assist you in your retail or wholesale purchase needs. One of our goals is to make your perfume shopping convenient, stress-free, and affordable and we believe we can only achieve that goal by providing you with a prompt and personalized service. We are committed to delivering the best fragrance and cosmetic products at prices that you can truly afford. We observe strict quality control procedures to ensure that we will deliver products that are undamaged and guaranteed authentic.  Regardless if you have a small or a large transaction with us, we give every order with the same attention to detail and meticulousness. We have also prepared a wholesale section exclusive for wholesale buyers to further address their extensive needs in their bulk purchases. We’re out-and-out in providing you, our dear clients, with the best possible service. From making the best fragrance and cosmetic products available for you to purchase to offering budget prices to having exceptional promos and discount deals and to outstanding customer service, Perfumiya is here to be your go-to online perfume store.

Safe and Secured Shopping at Perfumiya

Perfumiya understands confidentiality and provides every client with the discretion they deserve. We treat every transaction as confidential and we’ve geared our website with privacy settings to ensure that all pertinent information of our clients will not be disclosed to any party. Perfumiya takes pride in its high business relationship ethics hence you can be confident that our secure payment processing will keep your personal information private.  We will not distribute or sell your personal information to any third party or to parties outside Perfumiya. Your information will be used solely to process your orders. Each transaction is guaranteed to be confidential. Our Privacy Policy explains the details about our website’s privacy setting and secure payment processing. Rest assured that your personal details will be given utmost protection and you will enjoy a safe and secured shopping experience at Perfumiya. We value your business and we put high regard to the trust you’ve given us. We strive to always give back by ensuring that all clients will enjoy a hassle-free, stress-free, safe, and inexpensive perfume shopping experience. After all, Perfumiya is the best online perfume store built just for you – our online retail and wholesale clients. 

Perfumiya will continue to be your premier online source for genuine and authentic fragrances and beauty products at discounted rates.

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