How to choose your new fragrance

How to choose your new fragrance

No matter what scent you choose, it needs to represent who you are. It is vital that you take your personality and lifestyle into account! First of all, you need to decide what the fragrance is for. Do you need something work appropriate, or something seductive for dates? In general, go with lighter, fresher scents for casual daytime events and warmer, sexier fragrances for evenings out. Time of year also plays a role in what sort of fragrance you should wear. In cooler weather, stronger scents can be worn without overwhelming everyone around you. Conversely, lighter scents are better in warmer weather.

Get to know fragrances

If you know you enjoy a certain type of fragrance, like florals, look at the ingredients in perfumes you are interested in, as it will help you decide if the fragrance is in the family you like. Knowing your preferred scent families makes narrowing down your choices much easier! Scent families for women include citrus, fresh, floral, oriental, sweet, spicy, or woodsy. Fragrances for men include those and also other more masculine scents like leather, tobacco, and musk.

Take your skin type into account. Is your skin dry or oily, or in-between? If you have dry skin, the scent will dissipate more quickly, and a higher concentrated Eau de Parfum will last longer on you than an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne.

Expand on what you know you like

If you already have a fragrance you like, consider trying the flankers. A flanker is a reformulated version of an existing fragrance (for example, Obsession Night is a flanker of the original Obsession). A flanker might take a scent darker for night or make it lighter for day. This is especially helpful when you adore a rich, heady scent that’s great for date night but not so appropriate for the office. Or if your favorite scent is light and perfect in the summer, but not strong enough to hold up to the winter, often a reformulated flanker is the best fit for your needs.

If you love everything fashion, try selecting a scent from your favorite designer. Designer scents are very representative of their clothing aesthetic, so if you like a brand and would want to wear its clothing, you'll likely enjoy its fragrance. Celebrity fragrances also do a great job of embodying the personalities and lifestyles of the stars, so if you identify strongly with a certain celebrity, chances are you’ll love their fragrance line as well.

If the task of choosing a perfume for yourself still seems too daunting, try using a fragrance finder. We like the fragrance finder of perfume expert Michael Edwards at You can search by brand, explore fragrance families, or receive recommendations based on your current favorite scents. Once you’ve finally decided on your new fragrance, you’ll be sure to find it at the best price at!

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